CandidAdvisor Executive Webinar Series

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High Performance Team Series

"Achieving more with less" Creating and sustaining high performance at the team level.

Does your team need a game raiser, or do you know of another team that does? CandidAdvisors has the answer. Achieve more with Less:

• Outstanding Team Work is………… (Introduction)
• Relationship between creativity and team work
• Why we don’t always need “high” performance
• Tools - Belbin, Managerial Grid
• Balancing the need for output with the engaged participation
• The “typical” team in corporate America
• Team process and relationship to productivity
• Methods for team review
• Challenging Team Member Stereotypes

"Integrating large groups to achieve a common purpose" High Performance Team Series

"Integrating large groups to achieve a common purpose" Employees, consultants, outsourcers; how can disparate groups become a cohesive whole? Let us show you how:

What's Covered:

• Creating common purpose
• Barriers to integration
• Defining and implementing an appropriate governance model
• Defining and measuring cross team integration
• Rewards and recognition
• Team leader integration activities
• Outstanding team work is……..
• Team behavioral model
• Sustainment

About your Presenter: STEVE JANDRELL is a Business Transformation & Organizational Change visionary, leading subject-matter expert, and C Suite Advisor offering a wealth of experience across diverse industry verticals including Energy, Utilities, Chemicals, Financial Services, High-tech Manufacturing, Healthcare, Consumer Products, and Retail

Steve has a sterling record of achieving measurable, replicable and sustainable business outcomes, human performance improvement and goal-directed change as a senior member of top domestic and British management consulting firms, and his background includes senior level positions with RWD, TCS, Capgemini (E&Y), and Deloitte & Touche.

His success includes dramatic, multi-dimensional business change via strategy alignment, re-engineering and ERP implementations.

About CandidAdvisors: We bring highly experienced senior people to assess the current situation, and with your team, build a plan for value realization and strategic goal alignment.

CandidAdvisors is a completely independent and solution agnostic consulting firm that advises and coaches senior business decision makers in the area of business transformation and change.