About the CandidAdvisors Leadership Team

We are pleased to Partner with the following Outstanding Organizations


The NorthPoint Group

NorthPoint was formed in 1992 with the strategy of developing a new and better concept of assessing how well are organizations really performing compared to “Best In Class” and what their current and future risks are that could impact that performance. NorthPoint’s software with its database can look into an enterprise and/or its organizations and identify their Risks, identify their importance, and provide what is the best mitigation methodology to either convert it into economic value or dispose of it.

NorthPoint recognizes there are two sides of Risk: one is an opportunity for innovation (an asset) and the other is to be immediately removed and disposed of, at all costs. It takes Risk, for the most part, to create economic value, but it can only be an asset if it can be accurately identified, and there is the required KEP™ (Knowledge Experience and Performance) to determine the strategy to achieve “Best In Class” performance.

Since 1992, they have performed over 780 assessments covering the U.S, Western Europe, Middle East, and Far East geographies for hundreds of enterprises both commercial as well as not for profit, local, state and federal organizations, and all are part of the NorthPoint database.

Today, NorthPoint is the leading provider with 24 major Risk Management software products and associated services covering 22 market segments. Each product covers the issues that enterprises and/or investors face in early identification of what and where are the risks in this organization and what type of risks are they?


Belbin® Team Role Theory

Creating and Sustaining High Performance Work Teams with CandidAdvisors

Whether you are building a new team, want to refresh an existing team, or are looking to create a common focus between two groups that desire to collaborate more effectively, CandidAdvisors can help. Using a unique and behaviorally anchored approach, CandidAdvisors offers a one to two day workshop, depending on the size of the team. The key elements are:

• Defining high performance in terms of outcomes and behavior
• Using the Belbin Self Perception Inventory, completed on line, with individual feedback and a collective assessment and aggregated team profile
• Showing the relationship between team work and heightened group creativity
• Understanding the need for a sound team process as well as agreeing what roles individual team members can play
• Exploring the options for individual team member contributions
• Having a framework to discuss and measure what total team effectiveness means

This is a facilitated process where the team itself sets its standards in the context of what the team is mandated to deliver, its measures and agrees the means for self correction moving forward. Part of the process includes insight into what each team member potentially brings to the working of the team and what each team member can reasonably expect from other members, including ongoing feedback and support.

A Flash Introduction to Belbin Team Roles